5-Year Bloggiversary — Blogoversary? Blogiversary? Whatever, it’s been five years! #JIAM

clip-art cake with 7 candlesI missed it AGAIN! June 3rd, in 2009, was when I posted my first book review. Fittingly for June (June Is Audiobook Month), it was a review of the absolutely amazing audiobook, Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, narrated by Lenny Bruce. It was so good that I had to tell people about it and I didn’t know anyone else who listened to audiobooks back then.

I just read a 7-year blogoversary post that Trish over at Laughter, Love, and a Touch of Insanity wrote, and in addition to reminding me that I had forgotten to mark my own, it also made me think about blogging, and why I keep on with it even though I don’t post regularly and can’t ever seem to get ahead of my review backlog, making me feel like I have overdue homework all the time. But I don’t have time to write my own post, so please read Trish’s, if you haven’t already!

Also, this op-ed  from The New York Times about listening to audiobooks, Audiobooks and the Return of Storytelling. Right now I’m listening to The Transcriptionist by Amy Rowland, narrated by Xe Sands. It’s an excellent audiobook and talks a lot about listening because Lena, the main character, spends her days transcribing news stories and interviews for a major New York daily newspaper (the “Record“). Lena believes the stories traveling into her brain have changed her; she is particularly affected by a story about a blind woman.

Listen to an excerpt from The Transcriptionist from Highbridge Audio here, and thanks for reading! And, if there any audiobook listeners out there now, don’t forget to get your two free SYNC audiobook downloads this week!June Is Audiobook Month logo

P.S. The giveaway for a brand-new print copy of Hereafter by Terri Bruce is still going, if you’re looking for a paranormal friendship story (no torrid romance, promise!).

15 thoughts on “5-Year Bloggiversary — Blogoversary? Blogiversary? Whatever, it’s been five years! #JIAM”

    1. Yes, it seems to be well suited to audio! Even though it’s not in the first-person, it’s completely written in the perspective of the main character. Xe Sands narrates it perfectly!

  1. Hi Laurie, congratulations on your blogoversary (my way of writing it). Blogging is fun even if you don’t always keep up with it. The community is so great, it’s addictive.

    Here’s to another five years! Yay!

  2. I totally get that overdue homework feeling. I’ve learned to let A LOT of it go over the years, but here I am trying to draft up a post or two for while I’ll be gone over the next two weeks. It never ends.

    Happy bloggiversary to you!!

  3. Congratulations on five years!!! I celebrated by 7 year blogiversary last month, but completely forgot to blog about it until after the fact too. And, even then, I only mentioned it in passing! It’s amazing how many of us have been around for so long.

  4. Congratulations, Laurie! I’m always using different versions of the word/idea, I guess a standard wasn’t created in time!

    You were having so much fun and reading and blogging, it made you miss the date. Best way to look at it 😉

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