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I don’t care what Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Whole Foods, or anyone else says, it’s apple season in New England right now, and pumpkin season doesn’t start until October. Around here, apple season means taking a naturally sweet, fairly healthful fruit…

five apples
Gala apples from the state of New York. Husband fails to earn locavore credentials once again.

and turning it into this:

close-up of apple crisp
This had to be a close-up picture, because I ate a third of it still warm straight from the dish it was baked in.

Or this…

bottle of apple wine
We bought this Putney Winery apple maple wine from Vermont when we were in New Hampshire. (Everyone knows Vermont maple syrup is better than New Hampshire’s.)  I was the only one who liked this wine.

I hope it’s not cheating, but I want to count the apple crisp my husband made yesterday (pictured above) towards Trish’s Cook It Up! challenge. She has challenged book bloggers to either use or lose older cookbooks that gather dust while we try shiny new recipes from the Internet or hanker after just-released cookbooks.

The apple crisp recipe was from Made in Vermont: Recipes from Vermont’s Favorite Inns, edited by Coleen O’Shea, which has recipes for Apple Crisp, Apple Crisp with Maple Syrup and Sarah’s Apple Crisp. (Also Apple-Nut Bread, Baked Apple Dandy and nine others with apples as the main ingredient. We were given this cookbook as a gift many years ago (I think when we still lived in Vermont.) so it has sentimental value even though we don’t use it that often, but when we’re looking for New England-y apple or pumpkin recipes, it’s a good place to start.cover image

It’s not great for gluten-free and/or low-carb dieters, but Made in Vermont has enough regional flavor to make it a keeper. The recipes are divided by season, which I like. There are no photos of the food – just little black and white photos of the inns the recipes came from on each page. There is plenty of white space if you like to pencil in notes about the recipes.

Since we don’t run an inn here, many of the entree recipes are too fussy or fancy for me to ever try (e.g. Escargots with Wild Mushrooms and Herbed Butter, p. 124, or Steamed Scallops with Saffron Beurre Blanc and American Sturgeon Caviar, p. 42) but the dessert, side dishes, and soup recipes are more enticing to a home cook. I think I’ll try the Corn, Red Pepper and Tomato Bisque from the Four Columns Inn in Newfane, Vermont soon, and then there’s all the pumpkin and squash recipes to try: Pumpkin Bisque, Maple Pumpkin Bisque, Butternut Squash and Pear Gratin, etc. The recipe for Maple Pumpkin Bisque from the West Mountain Inn in Arlington, Vermont is online here.

Happy Weekend Cooking!




8 thoughts on “Apple Season Is Here #weekendcooking @BethFishReads”

    1. I haven’t done that since my kids were little, but maybe someday with the grandchildren. Apple picking tends to draw big crowds this time of year, so I’d rather buy mine already picked!

  1. I am sooooo lucky to live in apple country. We have several local apple farmers and many people have apple trees in their yards. Nothing is as good as a tree-fresh apple. The grocery store version is not the same.

  2. Although the Made in Vermont book didn’t call for it, I did use a gluten-free flour blend in place of the all-purpose flour in the topping and as a thickener in the apple/maple syrup filling, so this particular recipe was GF-friendly. As for my lack of locavore instincts, I did make up for it when I made this again a few days later with my students, using apples I picked from the orchard at the local convent!

  3. The apple crisp sounds amazing!! As do some of the other recipes in the cookbook. I’ve never cooked escargot but my stepmom makes it for holidays and it’s always really special. And YAY for apples! I’ll miss the summer berries but apples are so tasty, too.

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