Armchair BEA Day 4: Giveaways! #armchairBEA #thereaftertour

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On Day 4 of Armchair BEA, there are featured giveaways all over the place! Check out the complete list of links at Armchair BEA Headquarters after you enter here to win a brand-new copy of Hereafter by Terri Bruce.

Hereafter before Thereafter, Terri’s newest book in the Afterlife series, about party girl Irene Duncan’s adventures in the afterlife as a ghost/spirit after dying while driving home drunk one night.

cover image of HereafterA snippet from my review of Hereafter:

As a ghost, Irene feels so much like herself that she finds it hard to accept that the afterlife can’t be the same as her old life (i.e. lots of hanging out in bars with friends) without all the downsides (e.g.  jobs, chores, family obligations, and hangovers.) Although Irene is someone who has to learn everything the hard way, as her father told her once, she luckily finds early on a good (though underage) friend in Jonah, a teenager from Irene’s neighborhood who has investigated theories of the afterlife and experimented enough with out-of-body experiences that he can see dead people like Irene. Mature and sensible, Jonah is like a 36-year-old in a 14-year-old’s body, while with Irene it’s more like the other way around.


cover image of ThereafterAnd from my review of Thereafter:

Thereafter is packed with historical figures and intriguing snippets of ideas about the afterlife from various places and times. Irene is about as un-spiritual as you can get, but it would be pretty silly for her to deny that there’s an afterlife, since she’s living it. She just doesn’t know how she is supposed to be living it or what, if anything, she’s supposed to do? And the biggest question of all…Is there any way to get back to her old life on Earth?

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  1. This sounds like a different sort of ghost story than I am used to seeing in middle grade. More “Our Town” thank spooky. they look like interesting books.

  2. Looks fun. I got a kick out of a quirky book called Dead Rules by Randy Russell that I only heard about because the author came to a nearby indie bookstore and the owner was worried about drumming up an audience.

    Looks like you’re having a good Armchair BEA!

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