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I'm a public librarian in Massachusetts who loves to give reading suggestions, whether asked-for or not, a specialty known in library jargon as "reader's advisory". I read a lot -- mostly literary, genre, and young adult fiction, but also short stories and memoirs -- and listen to a lot of audiobooks. Newer favorites include Patry Francis, Donna Tartt, Meg Wolitzer, Lev Grossman, Jennifer Egan, Laurie R. King, Lionel Shriver, Carolyn Parkhurst, Penny Vincenzi, Michael Connelly, Alexander McCall Smith, Orson Scott Card, Patrick Rothfuss, Martha Southgate, Jennifer Haigh, Zadie Smith, and Louise Penny. Some older favorites are Lorrie Moore, Anne Tyler, Ian McEwan, Susan Howatch, and Connie Willis.

Final Update: Fall #Bloggiesta

How did I do on my second-ever Bloggiesta? Accomplished my major goal of moving from to self-hosting!

Otherwise, a big zero.

  • Move to self-hosting with WordPress (Eek!)
  • Start some personal “Best of 2012” lists (still undone from my spring Bloggiesta list)
  • Catch up on reviews (maybe by doing mini-reviews) (ditto)
  • Create a page of book lists and readalikes (ditto)

Migrating my blog to a new web host and setting it up again in the new space took up a lot of time that probably would have been better spent doing the other items on my short, but time-consuming, to-do list. About halfway through the process, I strongly sensed that I was making a mistake, and would regret leaving the community and safety net behind.

BUT, I persevered (mainly because I had already waded far enough in that it would be a real hassle to change my mind at that point) and I DID IT!

Thank you to Suey of It’s All About Books and Danielle of There’s a Book for hosting Bloggiesta and doing a great job of organizing.

Thank you also to those who cheered me on in the switch to self-hosting during Twitter chat and in comments!