Blog Discovery – Amy’s Going to Library School: Perspectives on Modern Librarianship

Today I discovered a blogger who lives in my own city, works at a library in a neighboring town, and is going to library school. This month, she wrote a great blog post about reader’s advisory at the Brockton Public Library, after interviewing Paula, the library’s reader’s advisor.

I’ve somehow missed seeing Amy’s Going to Library School until now, but she’s not graduating until May. If you want to go to library school vicariously with Amy, there’s still time to get on board and follow her blog.

From Interview with a Reader’s Advisory Librarian (Jan. 10, 2013):

The library’s website,, contains a plethora of information for Reader’s Advisory.  There is a “Novel Suggestions” part of the site with links to helpful websites such as, a local reader’s advisory blog, a Staff Picks section, links to Oprah’s book club selections, African American authors, New York Times Best Sellers, reviews from Barnes and Noble and more! The library also uses an RSS feed on their website which visually displays all the new books at the library, with links to place holds on the books through the online catalog.  As Paula and I wrapped up our interview, I noticed lots of comfortable areas to sit, eye-catching displays of new fiction and nonfiction and, of course, Paula’s welcoming desk.

Thanks for the mention, Amy! Good luck in your remaining classes!


3 thoughts on “Blog Discovery – Amy’s Going to Library School: Perspectives on Modern Librarianship”

  1. Cool. If you had asked my 12 yo self what I wanted to be when I grew up, librarian was on my list. (as was photographer and architect). I do like to cheer for anyone in library science!

  2. I’m actually really interested in reading about library school because until I started blogging I wasn’t aware of there being such a thing. So I’m off to read it. Awesome you got a mention!

    1. Now you can do it all online, too, which is convenient for students, but leaves the few schools left with library degree programs struggling to keep enrollment up, I think.

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