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#Bloggiesta Finish Line Post – Fall 2015

Bloggiesta badgeThanks to everyone who visited, especially those who took the Blogroll Overhaul Mini Challenge (here)!

Here’s my final Bloggiesta update. I didn’t end up having as much time to visit other blogs as I had hoped, so did the bulk of my visiting on Friday and Saturday with almost none on Thursday or Sunday.

Thank you to Suey and everyone who helped out with Bloggiesta organization! I had lots of fun, although not lots of time, this weekend!

*Here’s what the Better Delete Revision Manager has to say about clogging up your blog’s back-end with saved post revisions (Sorry for any visual that comes to mind there!):

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4 thoughts on “#Bloggiesta Finish Line Post – Fall 2015”

  1. Oooh, you were the one who hosted the blogroll challenge? I might have to go back and do that later! I didn’t do any of the mini challenges yet, but sometimes I like to go back and try them. I think next Bloggiesta I might just focus on mini challenges!

    Great job with all your goals!

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