Bloggiesta, Olé! It’s #Bloggiesta Time Again Spring 2013

Bloggiesta weekend starts today, an excuse to fiddle around with the blog. Here’s the to-do list for my third Bloggiesta. I don’t know if some of these items are even technically possible, given my programming limitations, and whether others are only theoretically possible for someone with three weeks instead of three (partial) days.

  • Uninstall themes and widgets I’m not using
  • Get help making blog banner look more professional
  • Make LibraryThing widget more attractive
  • Find out what PageLines is in WordPress.orgLand
  • Cut down category list (combine categories?) – STARTED
  • Catch up on audiobook reviews (Mini-reviews?)
  • Add to the page of book lists and readalikes
  • Create Reviews by Author option on Reviews by Title page

Bloggiesta is a weekend to devote yourself to spiffing up your blog. I think it’s mostly book bloggers who participate, but it’s not restricted to book bloggers. Sound like fun? Want to join in? Sign up at the Bloggiesta Web site.

32 thoughts on “Bloggiesta, Olé! It’s #Bloggiesta Time Again Spring 2013”

  1. Hope your Bloggiesta will be a good one.

    I’m using the free, nothing-to-install wordpress, so mine may be different, but if you have Qs…. Widgets I think you just drag from the sidebar area to the area on the left, where the “spare” widgets are kept (Available Widgets/Inactive widgets). Maybe that’s the same for you?

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I should have said plug-ins instead of widgets, though. I read somewhere that having too many installed themes and plug-ins can affect the speed of the page loading even if they’re deactivated.

  2. Yay for Bloggiesta! Good luck with all of your goals 🙂 Have you ever used Picmonkey? It might help you out with your header. It’s pretty easy to use which is always a good thing!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi! Just stopped by to wish you good luck in accomplishing all your goals! I’m also struggling when even a small bit of code needs to be modified for some widget, and you have a whole page of code to tend! That’s wow… 🙂

  4. Good luck with your list! I ended up keeping mine pretty short this time due to time constraints this weekend, and admittedly, most of my goals are more networking-related than blog maintenance related. I recently did the same thing you’re planning to do, though — narrow down my categories/labels. I hope you accomplish everything you want to this weekend!

    Here is my Bloggiesta To-Do List.

  5. Good luck on all your goals! I couldn’t even find your LibraryThing widget. I am often startled to find that people whose blogs I’ve been following for a while are also very active on LT and I just didn’t know where to look. That’s probably my own fault though….

    My Bloggiestia

  6. You’ve got through loads of your list already, awesome! I am in the process of fixing my categories, I’ve no idea where to begin though.

    1. All I’ve done so far is create a list of the categories and subcategories I WISH I had set up to start with and have been reading advice on converting categories to tags, etc.

  7. And now off to Google to see if MA is “The Bay State” because I confess that I thought you were from California! Like SF Bay area. *headdesk*

    Great job with all your goals and tasks! I finally finally updated my Review by Authors page–now I just need to create a tab for it so people can actually find it. When’s the next Bloggiesta?? 😉

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