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Blogroll Overhaul: A Bloggiesta Mini Challenge

Ai yi yi! It’s Bloggiesta time again already! Despite my prolonged neglect of ye old blog lately, I’m not only joining in the fall Bloggiesta but also offering (for the very first time) a Bloggiesta Mini Challenge. Bloggiesta badge

Here’s how it goes:

Blogroll Overhaul Mini Challenge

How long has it been since you revamped your blogroll? How many blogs have gone bye-bye but still appear on your list of faves? How many current faves have never made it onto the blogroll that you created so very long ago?

To complete this challenge:

  1. Go through your blogroll and check all the links. (Hint–Count how many you have in your blogroll before you start.)
  2. Delete any blogs that are no longer active from your blogroll.
  3. (For overachievers, leave a fresh comment on every active blog.)
  4. If your blogroll is too long, you might want to be ruthless and delete any blogs that you haven’t been keeping up with lately.
  5. Write a post about which blogs you said goodbye to and which new ones you added (or include this info in your to-do list update post)
  6. Share your link in the comments before the end of Sunday, Sept. 20th, your time, to be eligible for the giveaway.

Along with experiencing a satisfying sense of accomplishment should you complete this challenge, you may choose to be entered in a prize drawing for an unread, paperback copy of Madame Picasso by Anne Girard, which I won in a giveaway from Meg at A Bookish Affair but have given up hope of ever getting around to. (Prize is only open to U.S. residents this time around.)

cover imageTry this mini challenge as an easy way to freshen up your blog and a good excuse to go visiting! If you complete the challenge, let me know, so I can come and admire your overhauled blogroll!

24 thoughts on “Blogroll Overhaul: A Bloggiesta Mini Challenge”

  1. I recently took down my blogroll widget because something was slowing down the blog and I didn’t want it to be an annoyance to visitors. I wasn’t sure what it was, but the problem has stopped. Do you think people visit blogrolls that are a separate page and linked in the Menu? Is it a waste to time to have one like that ?
    This is a good challenge!

    1. I don’t know! I’ve read elsewhere that blogrolls are not used and shouldn’t be included anymore (another thing of the past!) but I find myself clicking on links in blogrolls whenever I spend time moseying around the book blogosphere. Which, granted, hasn’t been very often lately, but still! I guess a blogroll wouldn’t catch my eye if it were on a separate page, though!

  2. My blogroll is almost (I assume) for ME so that I can quickly find my blogging buddies… Especially if/when the link isn’t on the comment for some reason which is happening more and more – I am hoping this Bloggiesta might address that gravatar issue that I find often (the gravatar only goes to a page with a photo but no link to blog…) HAPPY BLOGGIESTA!

    1. I wonder if the gravatar issue is people not setting them up correctly, or is it the default one that shows up when people who aren’t bloggers themselves leave comments? Happy Bloggiesta to you, too! Are you making a pie this weekend in addition to bloggiesta-ing?

  3. I don’t show my blogroll on my WP sites ( I have seven), but I do have a separate page for “Favorite Blogs” on each site.

    I added a new Favorite Blogs page for this challenge, deleting the two blogs that I don’t visit.

  4. I signed up for my first Bloggeista today. I hope to make some changes and one of them, as you posted about, is updating my blogroll. I like to have one on the sidebar because I can see when people have updated, go and visit.

    Great giveaway on your site!

    1. I like the blogrolls that show most recent posts but didn’t find one that worked on my blog the last time I looked. I’ve changed my blog since then, so I should look again!

  5. I reviewed all the sites in my blogroll and go down from 91 to 49. I left a few comments and had several “Oh, I remember this blog!” reactions. With a smaller list hopefully I will read these more. Will include the summary of my activity in my Bloggiesta wrap-up post. Thanks for hosting this challenge!

  6. I was at 68 but am now down to 54 blogs — all active! I am thinking this challenge should be included in my Masterlist. Probably easier to maintain that way!

    Madame Picasso is a great book. I suggest you read it before it gets out of the house 🙂

    1. Probably a good idea to do it every Bloggiesta! As for poor Madame Picasso, I have to pare my TBR list down somehow, and I know it means a lot of good books are going to go unread! 🙁

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