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Christmas 2014 Foodie Gift Haul

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Family, food, and Christmas music, movies, and reading are what I like most about Christmas, but the giving and receiving of gifts can be fun, too! I know Weekend Cooking fans are dying to know which books I received from my Christmas wish list and Cookbook Gift Ideas posts this year, so here you go!

Moosewood Restaurant Favorites

Not a foodie gift, but may be my first book of 2015:

cover imageAlso, a nice surprise that wasn’t on either list:

cover image

To keep me caffeinated at work when I go back January 2nd:

MS_Jingle_Bell_JavaSomething I’ve been wanting for a while, a flat-bottomed wok!

Flat-Bottomed Wok

Cute chef Christmas tree ornament tied to a gift from my mom-in-law:

photo of ornament on gift box
It lights up!

And, maybe the most impressive food gift ever…homegrown popcorn, two varieties layered in a Mason jar, from my sister with gardening contributions from my brother-in-law:

photo of small jar of popcorn with layer of red popcorn in middle

Some photos from our gluten-free Christmas baking from this year:

Happy Weekend Cooking!

11 thoughts on “Christmas 2014 Foodie Gift Haul”

    1. Thanks, Beth! I have to season the wok before using it. I didn’t do all the baking myself! I should have clarified that and given credit for rolling out the pie crust and baking the pie to my husband; he also made several of the varieties of cookies on the cookie platter! And the fancy cookie decorating is done by my daughters, although they must have gotten their talent from me, who taught them everything they know about decorating sugar cookies over the years!

  1. You’ve reminded me that I want to read The Luminaries! And wow–what fun cooking stuff. I still have one more Christmas to attend tonight (which I’m hoping to get the Le Creuset Dutch Oven I’ve been begging my mom for), but our microwave went out yesterday so a new microwave will end up being our gift to ourselves. Sigh.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Laurie!

    1. Ooh, I want one of those, too. Our over-the-stove microwave keeps shorting out and we have to keep unplugging it and letting it rest before plugging it back in! But our washing machine broke right before Christmas, so now we have a new washer instead of a new microwave.

  2. I love Moosewood cookbooks! Even just to look at them! LOL BTW, speaking of gluten free, I discovered these great pastas that aren’t really pastas – they are from Explore Asia and seem like pasta but are made from stuff like mung beans or adzuki beans, etc. My husband can’t even tell it’s not pasta, although he thinks it’s “artisanal” pasta, like spinach fettucini – LOL

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