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Badge text reads Fall in Love With a New Genre February 2016Our library genre study group has been reading romance this year, and this week we’ll be talking about the appeal factors of paranormal romances.

I didn’t get to read as many recommended books in this subgenre of romance as I thought I would, so I’m joining Katie (aka “The Reluctant Romantic”) at Doing Dewey in reading more romance (specifically paranormal romance) this month, as it isn’t a genre I normally choose to read.

I’ve already become a lot more open-minded about it, through the readings and discussions our genre study group has been having, but there’s always room for improvement when trying to live up to librarian credos such as “Every reader, his book; every book, its reader” and “Never apologize for your reading tastes“.

Is This a Kissing Book?

Schedule and Discussion Topics

Feb 6 – Genre Speed Dating – What genre are you getting to know this month? Why do you want to give it a chance?

Feb 13 – It’s Complicated – Is there anything that keeps you from reading this genre more?

Feb 20 – Young Love – Have you read the genre you’re trying before? How was your first experience with that genre this month?

Feb 27 – Relationship Status – Where is your relationship with the genre you tried? Will you read more of this genre in the future?


4 thoughts on “Count Me In! Another Reluctant Romantic @doingdewey”

  1. 2 of my top 7 books from 2015 were romances. They happened to come from the same series. They were books 1 & 2 of the Billionaires series: Breathless in Love and Reckless in Love, by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully. If it’s done well, it can be every bit as emotionally charged as any of the big bestsellers – often more so.

    1. I agree! The best romance tends to be lumped in and dismissed with the worst romance. I’ll check out the Billionaires series, although it doesn’t sound like paranormal romance!

  2. I’m only reading one paranormal romance this month and it’s one with greek mythology, rather than the vampires and werewolves I think of as more common to that subgenre, so I’m excited to hear more about it from you. I’ve already started doing my romance reading and I’m enjoying it so far and if you find any paranormal romances you really like, I might try them out later 🙂 Thanks for joining in!

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