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Easter Goodies #WeekendCooking

Easter means candy. To some people. I’m not saying me, necessarily.

Certain store-bought candies are gluten-free, but buying handmade candy from a confectioner’s is out, so I thought I’d make some more for Easter.

White Chocolate-Covered Pretzels on a platter
White Chocolate-Covered (Gluten-Free) Pretzels made from a very basic recipe at All Recipes. Click on the picture to get to the recipe.

I had made white chocolate coconut truffles for an event last weekend but forgot to take pictures, so I made some more for Weekend Cooking Easter. Since some people don’t like coconut, I used a different recipe that didn’t call for coconut extract and didn’t roll a few in the toasted coconut (although that’s actually the best part, I think!)

The recipe I used for these easy white chocolate coconut truffles is here.

After making the gluten-free challah from my Nosh on This baking cookbook, which I have written about before and will write about again, I had leftover egg whites, and so I made these chocolate cookies from the Winter issue of GFF Magazine, which is a new foodie magazine with great recipes. The recipe for these Brownie Pecan Cookies isn’t online, but here’s a picture.

Brownie Pecan Cookies close up
Brownie Pecan Cookies. Not very Easter-y, I know, but some people only like chocolate desserts.

I underbaked the first batch slightly and overbaked the second batch (with the pecans on top) slightly, I think, but I tried one of the pecan ones, and it tasted pretty good!

And then, the dessert that I had actually been planning to make and almost forgot to make, this Lemon Ricotta and Almond Flourless Cake, which I’d made once before in the fall,  but is more of a springtime dessert, so perfect for Easter! We haven’t cut into it yet, but it came out of the pan OK!

Ready to go in the oven
After baking. Was still wobbly so baked a little longer than minimum time.
Ready to eat. Maybe I’ll sprinkle a little more confectioner’s sugar on top right before serving.

For the morning sweet tooth, hubby made delicious gluten-free hot cross buns from another good baking cookbook Gluten-Free Baking Classics by Annalise G. Roberts. He usually puts cinnamon in the dough, but this recipe didn’t call for spiced dough, so we added cinnamon to the frosting.

hot cross buns on platter

Happy Weekend Cooking!

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10 thoughts on “Easter Goodies #WeekendCooking”

  1. Wow. I’m soooooooo impressed with your GF baking. I really need to give it a try — especially the confections — for my GF friends. I always make them bring desserts, because I’m never sure what to make. This post will get me through!

    1. Aw, thanks! The candies are a nice way around having to buy specialty flours and other ingredients. You do have to read the labels on the chocolate and cocoa; Ghiradelli and Hershey’s are usually g/f safe.

  2. Yum, they all look so good and I’m sure they taste equally good too! I think my daughters will ask me to make these if they see this post, lol. (These goodies look challenging to me, though.)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Laurie! 🙂

  3. I’ve never understood people who don’t enjoy coconut! I guess it’s a texture thing? BRING IT ON! 🙂 These all look really delicious. Hope you and your family had a lovely Easter.

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