First Book of the Year 2017 with Sheila @bookjourney

My New Year’s resolution is to fit book blogging  back into my life this year. I have missed it! (Thank you to Carrie of Care’s Books and Pie for insisting that six months isn’t too long of a hiatus!)

My first book of the year is Swing Time by Zadie Smith. It was a surprise gift that I received for Christmas. I bought her last book, NW, for myself, and still haven’t read it, so that’s on the list for 2017, too.

But first, her newest one, Swing Time!

me reading Swing Time in front of Christmas treeNext up in 2017 will be Crosstalk by Connie Willis, which I have been wanting to read since it came out a few months ago.For Sheila’s giant “First Book of the Year 2017” photo collage, and to see what everyone else is reading, visit Book Journey!

Let’s be optimistic for 2017…Happy New Year!







18 thoughts on “First Book of the Year 2017 with Sheila @bookjourney”

    1. Thanks! I have read some of George Packer’s short stories (I think!). I usually avoid making New Year’s resolutions, because I know myself too well, but I missed all my book blogging buddies so much, I think I’m back to stay for a while!

  1. Hello! Glad I could play a part in convincing you that any time you want to blog, just blog! 🙂 I love to hear your opinions on books. And you need to tell me if I should read Swing Time sooner or now.
    I was out of town for the flip of the calendar page and couldn’t quite do all the posts I wanted to: First book, word of the year, stats, etc. I’m still trying to review all the books I read in December. I finished my first book, Mr. Splitfoot and really liked it. I had the impression it was horror but it is really just delightfully odd and sweet.

    1. I really like Swing Time so far! Haven’t heard of Mr. Splitfoot before; odd and sweet sounds good! I read some horror in October but never even signed up for RIP this year! Am listening to The Fireman by Joe Hill now, narrated by Kate Mulgrew. I’ve liked all of his books!

  2. Welcome back Laurie.

    Blogging can be very time consuming and sometimes it can be difficult to fit it into a busy life. I struggle too.

    Swing Time looks good.

    Happy New Years!

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