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It’s already Saturday, I didn’t post a single book review all week, and I don’t have a cookbook review ready for Weekend Cooking today, so I’m sharing foodie links today, in no particular order.

photo of turmeric in white bowl
Photo from Sharon Palmer’s Plant-Powered Blog

Sharon’s Plant-Powered Food Predictions for 2015
Sharon Palmer, author of Plant-Powered for Life, predicts what everybody’s going to be shopping for in place of kale and acai berries this year.

Fall 2014 Cookbook Preview graphicEater: The 43 Most Anticipated Cookbooks of Fall 2014
Cookbook porn you may have missed. Read it and drool.

photo from Eater of cookbooks piled together and stacked
Photo from

Eater: The 21 Most Essential Cookbooks of 2014
Eater seems to have a penchant for odd-numbered lists and a lot of these cookbooks are a little high-end for me, but I’m interested in reading Prune and A Boat, A Whale, & a Walrus. I also don’t think I heard about First Prize Pies before, which came out back in February. Don’t forget National Pie Day is this month!

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Photo from Cook’s Country

Cook’s Country: Cider-Glazed Root Vegetables with Pomegranate and Cilantro
The link to this recipe came in with the America’s Test Kitchen “Notes from the Test Kitchen” newsletter. Doesn’t it look delicious? I have a pomegranate sitting here and need to look up how to get the seeds out of it and make this recipe.

And a fun trailer for But I Could Never Go Vegan by Kristy Turner, published by The Experiment:

Disclaimer: My daughter’s voice is on this book trailer, as are several of her friends, but she no longer works for the publisher. I’m sharing this more as a mom than a book blogger, I guess, but the book is doing very well and the book trailer really is fun to watch!

cover imageHappy Weekend Cooking!

9 thoughts on “Foodie Links from Around the Web @BethFishReads #weekendcooking”

  1. Great post idea! I love the sound of the cider glazed root veggies recipe…I’m marking that for a future dinner. Will also check out the plant food predictions – I always enjoy seeing the latest fad “super foods”…I say that like I’m making fun of it, but I fall in line with the rest of them!

  2. I am not even sure that I know of 21 cookbooks that were released in 2014, let alone 43 to be released in the next couple of months. These could be dangerous links to explore.

  3. I always have to google how to de-seed a pomegranate, too. My parents went out of town and gave me two and I need to figure it out quickly! The link with the 2015 food predictions is fun–colored cauliflower?! Crazy!

  4. I am seeing a ton of posts on FB/pinterest for cauliflower recipes.
    I was shocked how many cookbooks I saw at B&N when I was there for Christmas! I obviously haven’t physically shopped books in awhile.
    Thanks for the hint about the pie book. I have plenty already but it is always fun to look.

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