Happy National Pie Day! (Jan. 23) #NationalPieDay

Thanks to Care of Care’s Online Book Club, who is a pie baker extraordinaire, I was aware of National Pie Day ahead of time this year, and so I’m ready with a homemade apple pie to celebrate a colleague’s birthday (also today). For more about pie, National Pie Day, books about pie, movies with pie baking scenes, pie cookbooks, etc., visit Care’s Online Book Club blog!

photo of apple pie
Apple Pie with Streusel Topping

Although our gluten-free kitchen is still in operation, I decided not to experiment with gluten-free pie crust this time, and got out my old rolling pin and pastry mat; used only a single surface for the wheat flour-containing bowls and pie plate; and cleaned up right afterwards, being careful not to drop crumbs. I used a recipe from Joy of Cooking to make an apple pie with streusel topping. (Yes, I wimped out and didn’t attempt a top crust.) As a fan of streusel, I don’t think this pie has enough, so I would double the recipe next time (next year?) and maybe use brown sugar instead of white.

Over the weekend I did try some g/f cookie recipes from Nosh on This, and thought they were great. (Book review is coming soon!) I wanted to make at least one more recipe, but ran out of brown rice flour and had to order more.

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  1. Too bad! We have SO much brown rice flour because we over-ordered back when Althea was regularly making her gluten-free “Grape-Nuts.” We could have brought you home a bag…

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