King Arthur Flour’s Gluten-Free Version of Recipe of the Year — Chocolate Chip Cookies #weekendcooking

Weekend Cooking buttonIf you subscribe to the King Arthur Flour (KAF) baking newsletter, you know that the 2015 Recipe of the Year was for Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. They looked great, but I didn’t get too excited until a day or two later, along came the recipe for KAF’s gluten-free version of Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.

Neither recipe looks all that different from the one you find on the bags of chocolate chips, I thought, but for G/F bakers, that’s a nice change from complicated flour blends and unusual ingredients, so I thought it would be a fun and easy Weekend Cooking post topicture of KAF flour box make the recipe exactly as is, report on the results, and post a photo.

In typical fashion, however, the box of KAF multi-purpose flour I was picturing in the cupboard had been used up over the holidays, so I had to substitute Bob’s Red Mill G/F All-Purpose Baking Flour.

I also forgot to bring the egg to room temperature before starting.

I had all the other ingredients, though, and baked up a batch of cookies that came out fine, except for spreading a little more than expected – which at least one of the zillion commenters on the recipe mentioned also. They were good, but not great. I brought them to an event and they all went.

(Parchment paper! Where has it been all my life? It’s great stuff! I had plenty of it on hand, because it’s used a lot in gluten-free baking.)

I’m going to order a box of the flour the recipe calls for, and try it again. I think the KAF flour might make a big difference. Watch this space for another (hopefully, better executed) experiment!

Tips for Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies, G/F or Regular

  • Never ever use “artificially flavored” chocolate chips
  • Always use real butter if you can (use half shortening, half butter to reduce spreading, but that will reduce buttery flavor)
  • Don’t taste cookie dough before adding all the ingredients (messes up proportions)
  • Use KAF’s Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract or another good vanilla extract
  • Substitute a small amount of KAF’s Princess Cake & Cookie Flavor for part of the vanilla, if you don’t mind mystery ingredients in your food
  • If you add nuts, toast them in the oven first

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3 thoughts on “King Arthur Flour’s Gluten-Free Version of Recipe of the Year — Chocolate Chip Cookies #weekendcooking”

  1. I’m a huge KAF fan and use their flours exclusively. It really does make a difference. I really need to get the hang of GF baking because I have so many friends who can’t eat gluten anymore.

    1. It seems to be getting a LOT easier with the new Cup4Cup blend and the KAF and Bob’s Red Mill all-purpose flour blends! They act pretty much like regular white flour in a recipe, but are much more expensive!

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