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Let’s Talk Mustard #weekendcooking @bethfishreads

It’s National Pi Day (3/14/15) today, but since we can’t have pie, we’re going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early with a corned beef dinner. Instead of cabbage – boring – and potatoes –too many carbs – we’re having mustard-glazed Brussels sprouts on the side. We bought some mustard made with Irish stout that we should crack open for this occasion. (The stout, we realized too late, means this mustard – unlike most – is not gluten-free.)photo of unopened jarWhen you cut back on carbs, you may start looking for variety in your mustard. (Because you can’t have ketchup or relish.) I found this tasty Chili Stone-Ground Mustard at a local farm store a couple of years ago and have bought it regularly ever of jarThis type of mustard? photo of squeeze bottleI guess we are mustard snobs now. We only keep this on hand for guests who like their mustard yellow, not brown.

We’ve never tried making our own mustard, but if I want to try it someday, I’ll turn to one of my favorite food gurus, Lynne Rossetto Kasper of The Splendid Table. Find links to recipes for Beer and Caraway Mustard, Herbed Honey Mustard, Roman Mustard, Dried Cranberry Mustard, and Hard Cider Mustard here:

The Splendid Table: How to Make Homemade Mustard

You need a good food processor to grind the mustard seeds to make your own mustard.

Speaking of condiments, I attended a St. Patrick’s Day luncheon the other day and sat next to a woman who asked the server for ketchup to have with her corned beef, boiled cabbage, and boiled potato dinner. Ugh! But she wasn’t the only one, as the ketchup was having to be passed from table to table. I didn’t bother to ask the server for mustard, because I am now an official mustard snob and just knew the only mustard would be the yellow squeeze-bottle kind.

And speaking of Pi Day, it looks as though the American Pie Council has decided if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em and has cast aside its own National Pie Day on January 23, which no one could ever remember, for Pi Day on March 14, which is nice and easy to remember – if you remember your math, at least.

Happy Weekend Cooking and Happy Pi Day!

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19 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Mustard #weekendcooking @bethfishreads”

  1. I love mustards! I have a chipotle one that just makes anything taste good and a stoneground mustard with horseradish that I could eat from the jar! We do keep a bottle of the yellow stuff for my husband when we have hot dogs but even he is starting to switch to a good spicy brown for those!

  2. I am totally about mustard. Love it. I do have the yellow squeeze in my fridge, but I rarely use it. My tastes almost always go to the sour/salty side of things. For example, a hamburger should always have mustard and never mayo (ick) or even ketchup. The ones you showed are quite interesting. I probably need to see what new and different mustards I can find.

  3. We always have at least 4 kinds of “good” mustard in the house at all times. We’re kinda snobs too, though I keep yellow around for guests. Ketchup with corned beef????? Ugh.

  4. I’m not a mustard fan but maybe it’s because I usually just have the yellow squeeze bottle! I’m going sugar free for the next three weeks and I’ve been thinking about making my own ketchup substitute. Not that I eat a lot of ketchup…but my choices will be so limited that I’m thinking I might need some option. Ha!

    Happy Saint Paddy’s Day!! You know…in a few days. 😉

    1. Good luck!! You’ll be having lots of meat and veggies, it sounds like! I think going sugar-free might be easier than salt-free, but I’m not sure! I’ve never really tried either one.

  5. That Irish Stout Mustard looks interesting. My husband is the mustard lover in our house (and he’s Irish). Might have to get some for him. And ugh to ketchup with corned beef and cabbage!

  6. I love this post! First, I love brussels, but have never tried glazing them in mustard (I have tried them about every other way…so far our favorite is roasted with honey and chili flakes). And – I’ve never considered making my own mustard and don’t really have time for it right now, but something fun to put in my back pocket when the kids get older 🙂

  7. I love cabbage and potatoes, so I wouldn’t leave them out. But I also love Brussels sprouts so that sounds great as a side. I’ve been a fan of all kinds of mustard since I was a kid, but have never heard of it with Irish stout. I’ll have to look for some.

  8. I love mustard. We have a half a dozen mustards in our fridge. I bought this sweet and spicy mustard that everyone loved. I can’t wait to make corned beef this week to eat more mustard!

  9. I’m making our traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner today, with Irish bread pudding. I love the mustard with Irish stout, maybe I’ll run across the street to the grocery store and see if they have it. (They are small, but I swear they have one of everything there.)

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