Listen Up! Final day of Audiobook Week 2012 #JIAM

This post is part of the Listen Up! Audiobook Week June 25–28 event hosted by Jen of Devourer of Books, with help from Jen of A Book and a Latte, in which I answer these questions:
Where do you learn about great audiobook titles? Find reviews? Buy your audiobooks? Share your secrets with the rest of us!

Three words: The Guilded Earlobe.

What? That’s cheating to have a three-word answer when everyone else (including Bob at The Guilded Earlobe) is writing thoughtful, detailed posts? OK, so for audiobook reviews and suggestions, I also go to: Devourer of Books and Everyday I Write the Book.

I make heavy use of the public library system to feed my audiobook addiction. I don’t have any secrets for obtaining audiobooks, unless there are some bloggers who don’t know about being a reviewer for Audiobook Jukebox. Their site is a clearinghouse for audiobook reviews and you can sign up to be a Solid Gold Reviewer (see badge in sidebar). It’s a great place to find audiobook reviews from bloggers, too, even if you don’t want to write reviews yourself.

If you’re on Twitter, type in the hashtag #JIAM for June Is Audiobook Month, and follow everyone who is using it this month!

9 thoughts on “Listen Up! Final day of Audiobook Week 2012 #JIAM”

  1. I just pay attention when any blogger I find happens to mention a great narrator but usually, or NOW that I’m seeking out audio titles more, I look to see how much they cost when a book I want to read can be listened to instead. I really need to figure out the library thing, and soon.

  2. If there is book talk anywhere I usually pick up a recommendation from it and will always check for an audiobook version.

    I agree about – they are such an excellent resource for audiobook reviews collated in one place and their Solid Gold Reviewer program is great.

  3. Thanks for the mention Laurie. I’m really touched. It’s good to know that people out there actually appreciate what you do.

    I love Audiobook Jukebox, and Susan and Jeff do a great service for the Audiobook Industry and should be acknowledged for it. I love that the audiobook bloggers out there are so diverse and cover so many genres.

  4. I’ve submitted reviews to Audiobook Jukebox in the past but didn’t know about the Solid Gold Reviewer program. Also need to check out Gilded Earlobe. *hides from the fact that I don’t know his blog*

    1. Yes! Although he does review a lot of S/F and action-adventure that you might not necessarily be interested in, his blog is very entertaining to read.

  5. Audiobook Jukebox is my go-to place for reviews as well. I’ve gotten some amazing review copies from their Solid Gold Review Program as well. Great suggestions!

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