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Thanks to seeing Audra’s To-Do List over at Unabridged Chick, I’m not missing the Winter Mini Bloggiesta this weekend! I missed both the summer and fall Bloggiestas due to a bad case of blogger’s block. Also, due to too much of this:

app logoAnd this:

Words with Friends logoAnd this:

Gave up Words with Friends completely, and am now limiting myself to fewer than three 2-minute rounds a day of Word Crack for the sake of a loved one who is still hooked. 😉

Facebook is harder to give up cold turkey, but I’m trying not to check in as often. Scrolling through my news feed this morning, I came upon this funny Australian video, “What If Real Life Were Like Facebook?” It started playing and I found myself watching until I realized that it was essentially making fun of people who were addicted to Facebook and wasted vast amounts of precious time and brain bandwidth on liking and commenting, so I stopped watching and firmly closed the app and put away my phone. (I’m still tempted to go back and watch the rest of it, though, because it seemed pretty funny. Here’s the link, in case any of you haven’t already seen it.)

Bloggiesta Starting Line image

My Mini Bloggiesta will run Jan. 14–16, since I have a three-day weekend starting today. I missed the Twitter chat, which was four hours ago, but can always catch up.

In an effort to get this blog rolling forward again, here’s my to-do list:

  • Write and post my list of 2016 Favorites
  • Write a post about library genre study group I’m in
  • Write and schedule a #BoneClocks17 Readalong post
  • Start a new running list of what I’m reading DONE (See pic)
    (Will probably go back to the basic, handwritten list in a notebook that I used to keep, but am considering trying – again – to keep some form of spreadsheet or chronological, digital record)
  • Organize my bookshelves and reading nook
  • Visit & comment on Bloggiesta-ing blogs Done, but continuing!

Thanks, as always, to the tireless organizers of Bloggiesta! The hosts of the Winter Mini Bloggiesta are Emily at Emily Reads Everything and MC at Blame It on the Books.

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10 thoughts on “Mini Bloggiesta Jan. 13-15 @Bloggiesta #bloggiesta”

    1. I think there has always been a Spring and Fall Bloggiesta, but everyone was so sad when Bloggiesta ended one time that there have been Mini Bloggiestas in Summer and Winter for a while now! (You don’t need Bloggiesta…you’re going great guns with your blogging!)

  1. Ooooo…I want to check out Word Crack. I am sure it will take up a lot of time and I will get “hooked,” but it looks like so much fun. 🙂 Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    Your list looks good. Lots of good items to accomplish.

    Good luck, and have fun.

    Silver’s Reviews

  2. I was off Netflixing and reading way more than blogging as well. and that meant a looong time away from blogging..and now am trying to get back into it..
    good luck on your list.. and am going to check out your book lists soon

    1. Isn’t it? So tempting to watch just one more episode when they’re all right there and the couch is so comfy! We finished our last series (Chuck) a while and haven’t started a new one yet, except for Sherlock (which is so short, it doesn’t really count) and that’s probably another reason I feel like I have a little more time for blogging! Thanks for visiting!

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