Mini @Bloggiesta To-Do List June 13-14

Mini Bloggiesta badgeMini Bloggiesta is this weekend, and I have both days free. That hasn’t happened for the last few Bloggiestas, so it seems to be fated that I work on the blog this weekend – along with catching up on house and yard work (in case my husband is reading this); visiting with my parents (in case my mother is reading this), and reading!

The theme for the Mini Bloggiesta to-do lists is simplicity, so I’m keeping it short:

1. Update blogrollDONE Sadly said good-bye to The Bibliotaphe Closet, Devourer of Books, The Oddiophile, and You’ve Gotta Read This (moved to Facebook), which are no longer active blogs.
Added I’m Lost in Books, which I didn’t realize wasn’t already there, and Thoughts from an Evil Overlord, which was a Mini Bloggiesta discovery.
Updated link to She Is Too Fond of Books, which has moved from WordPress to Blogger, and fixed up some links that didn’t open in a new window.
I enjoyed revisiting all of the blogs on my blogroll; here are a few of the interesting posts I caught up on:

The Boston Bibliophile: San Francisco Book Shopping

Chrisbookarama: Female Character Deal Breakers

Citizen Reader: Have you bought any fun reference books lately?

I’m Lost in Books: Mini Bloggiesta Goals (Becca is the winner of the Best Bloggiesta To-Do List Award!)

Literate Housewife: June Is Audiobook Month Giveaway

Stacked: How Do You Organize Your Books? (Take the poll!)

2. Organize list of books I’ve committed to review DONE

3. Get a week’s worth of posts scheduled

4. Back up the blog DONE

5. Do plug-in updates DONE

6. Join the Twitter chat on Sunday (3 p.m. EST) DONE Talked about favicons, copyright, image resizing, Pinterest, and was reminded by Becca of I’m Lost in Books mention of updating her “Books Read” list that I haven’t remembered to update my Reviews by Title and Reviews by Author pages in a while.

7. Visit other Bloggiesta participants’ blogs DONE

Want to join in? Link up your to-do list at Bloggiesta Central and check out what other book bloggers are planning to do, too.

And while you’re still here, check out my bloggiversary giveaway to win your very own copy of The Orphans of Race Point by Patry Francis! Perfect for sinking into this summer, or any time of year!

16 thoughts on “Mini @Bloggiesta To-Do List June 13-14”

  1. Great goals! I hope you have a lot of fun with your tasks, and with connecting to other bloggers. I look forward to these events for those reasons.

    Thanks for visiting my blog…and remembering that little tidbit about me (11 blogs!). LOL

  2. This is my second time participating in a Bloggiesta event and they are blog changers, especially for one as unorganized as myself.
    I like how straightforward and focused your goals are..good luck in vanquishing each one of them 😀

    1. Thanks! I just keep a simple list on the computer, but am not always good about adding the books to the list as soon as I get them, and then the list isn’t up to date or I forget something…

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