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Mini Bloggiesta Jan 17-19 badgeIt’s Mini Bloggiesta time already, January 17–19! Sadly, I missed the big spring and fall Bloggiestas this year, and I probably won’t get a lot done on the blog this weekend, either, but here’s my overly optimistic to-do list:

Mini Bloggiesta To-Do List
Write and schedule two reviews and/or reader’s advisory-related posts
Update review index by author and index by title
  DONE – Due to a long blogging slump, I must have gotten out of this habit, because I hadn’t added titles or authors to the review indexes since June. With Johannes Cabal, Necromancer and The Quick added to the title index, now I only need to read something starting with the letter X to have the whole alphabet represented!
Delete plug-ins and remove old widgets, badges, etc.  DONE
Delete revisions taking up unnecessary space DONE Deleted 94 revisions (saved draft versions) that had accumulated since Dec. 27. (Yes, I save drafts compulsively, and WordPress saves automatically, too.)
Try out a new WordPress theme  DONE – After spending too much time previewing new themes, I was going to put this change off to the Spring Bloggiesta, but then decided to try out a new look now. Not sure if I like it or not!
Update blogroll to include only active blogs
Add a book list to Book List page
Set up a giveaway for Giveaways page

Added to List: Ideas for Spring Bloggiesta
Create a cookbook review index

Bloggiesta started as a twice-yearly event when book bloggers around the world devoted time to sprucing up their blogs – especially the tech-y things that would never get done otherwise. But two Bloggiestas a year was not enough! So by popular demand, the talented organizers – Suey from It’s All About Books and Danielle from There’s A Book – set up two Mini Bloggiestas, and regular Twitter chats throughout the year. Follow @Bloggiesta on Twitter, and join the Mini Bloggiesta Twitter chat if you can, on Sunday at 2 p.m. EST, using hashtag #Bloggiesta. (I’ll miss the chat because I’ll be at the theatre that afternoon, at a performance of a new play, A Future Perfect…none of us getting in at the under-40 discount!)

Speakeasy photo advertising A Future PerfectNew to Bloggiesta? Check out the About page on the Bloggiesta blog.


Low-Voltage Horror: Revival by Stephen King

cover imageI’ve been on a Stephen King kick over the past several years, after getting hooked by the audiobook edition of Lisey’s Story (narrated by Mare Winningham) which, like Revival – his latest – was more a dark fantasy that seemed to tap a very personal vein of emotion related to love, marriage, and the wellspring of creativity, than a straight-up horror story. I have a feeling I should have listened to Revival instead of reading it in print, as I found it a bit of a slog until the last 100 pages.

So, Revival is one of those “quiet horror” books that could fall into the category of science fiction or dark fantasy. The author unwinds a slow tale of a fervent evangelist preacher turned mad scientist, but Charles – the man whose hobby of electricity grows into an all-consuming passion – isn’t the main character. The first-person narrator, Jamie, is the main character, which limits the story to what he experiences or finds out. The story starts when Jamie is just a small boy in a large family and the preacher and his family move in next door, and it goes well into his middle-aged years.

Revival is pretty creepy, but in a slow-paced, ambiguous way, with the jolts few and far between as the narrator’s special connection with the preacher ebbs and flows. As a reader, you might not always be sure if the narrator is understanding events correctly or is just having a sad life – a highly creative person (a musician) who spirals down into addiction.

When I got to the ending of Revival, however, the book was redeemed in my mind – instead of making me want to have back all the hours I spent reading, as happened when I finished Under the Dome. (Another of the few Stephen King novels I read in print instead of listening to. Hmmmm.) From now on I’m sticking to the audio editions. (I still have It to listen to, one of these days!)

The audio edition of Revival is narrated by David Morse. Listen to a passage from the beginning of the story on the Simon and Schuster page.

King, Stephen
Simon & Schuster, Nov. 2014
416 pp.

Disclosure: No free copy! I borrowed it from the public library.

Other opinions on Revival:
Book Chatter
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Foodie Links from Around the Web @BethFishReads #weekendcooking

Weekend Cooking button
Weekend Cooking is a weekly feature hosted by Beth Fish Reads linking up food-related posts. Click here to check out other Weekend Cooking posts.

It’s already Saturday, I didn’t post a single book review all week, and I don’t have a cookbook review ready for Weekend Cooking today, so I’m sharing foodie links today, in no particular order.

photo of turmeric in white bowl
Photo from Sharon Palmer’s Plant-Powered Blog

Sharon’s Plant-Powered Food Predictions for 2015
Sharon Palmer, author of Plant-Powered for Life, predicts what everybody’s going to be shopping for in place of kale and acai berries this year.

Fall 2014 Cookbook Preview graphicEater: The 43 Most Anticipated Cookbooks of Fall 2014
Cookbook porn you may have missed. Read it and drool.

photo from Eater of cookbooks piled together and stacked
Photo from

Eater: The 21 Most Essential Cookbooks of 2014
Eater seems to have a penchant for odd-numbered lists and a lot of these cookbooks are a little high-end for me, but I’m interested in reading Prune and A Boat, A Whale, & a Walrus. I also don’t think I heard about First Prize Pies before, which came out back in February. Don’t forget National Pie Day is this month!

photo of vegetables in saute pan
Photo from Cook’s Country

Cook’s Country: Cider-Glazed Root Vegetables with Pomegranate and Cilantro
The link to this recipe came in with the America’s Test Kitchen “Notes from the Test Kitchen” newsletter. Doesn’t it look delicious? I have a pomegranate sitting here and need to look up how to get the seeds out of it and make this recipe.

And a fun trailer for But I Could Never Go Vegan by Kristy Turner, published by The Experiment:

Disclaimer: My daughter’s voice is on this book trailer, as are several of her friends, but she no longer works for the publisher. I’m sharing this more as a mom than a book blogger, I guess, but the book is doing very well and the book trailer really is fun to watch!

cover imageHappy Weekend Cooking!

Suggestions from a Massachusetts Librarian


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