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Last weekend, in a Weekend Cooking post about soup, I posted a photo of our driveway. We did get the promised new blizzard, which we’re coming to the end of today (late morning on Sunday), so here’s the new photo of the driveway. (I couldn’t get the back door all the way open because of all the snow drifts.)

IMG_1823Most Valentine’s Day weekend events were canceled due to the weather forecast, and the forecast turned out to be accurate. The snowplow has been by, but we haven’t been out to shovel yet.

Bouquet of roses in vase with rack of cooling scones in frontI received a beautiful bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates, and I gave hubby a mini scone pan for Valentine’s Day, so this morning I tried out the pan, and made Gluten-Free Scones from the King Arthur Flour recipe. The pan worked beautifully, and I think I’m going to love it as much as I love my own roses and box of chocolates!

For the scones, I added golden raisins as the dried fruit of my choice, and sprinkled on top a little gluten-free streusel topping we had in the freezer left over from making apple crisp. They were very good, made with the King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Multipurpose Flour.

And that brings me to the chocolate chip cookies.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about trying King Arthur Flour’s gluten-free version of their Recipe of the Year, which was for chocolate chip cookies. But I didn’t have the KAF Gluten-Free Multipurpose Flour the recipe called for, so I substituted Bob’s Red Mill, with slightly disappointing results. They were tasty enough, but they flattened out a little too much, which spoiled the look of them.

I ordered the right flour for the recipe, and tried it again. The flour really did seem to make a difference! The only change to the recipe that I made (but both times) was to add a little of the secret ingredient, Princess Cake & Cookie Flavor in place of some of the vanilla extract.

Happy weekend cooking!

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Scary and Horrifying: Big Driver by Stephen King (Audio) @SimonAudio

cover image of audio editionBig Driver by Stephen King is the kind of heart-pounding, adrenalin-filled horror story that will stay with you for a long time after listening. The reading by Jessica Hecht is excellent and the horrifying scenes drawn by the author are extremely vivid.

I requested Big Driver for review, not realizing that it was a story from Full Dark, No Stars, a collection of five stories by Stephen King that I had already listened to.

But this is one of the best stories from Full Dark, No Stars, and is definitely worth the $9.99 price, if you haven’t already bought Full Dark, No Stars, that is. Big Driver has already been made into a TV movie already, so you may have already encountered spoilers, but I’m not going to discuss the plot here more than to say the story is about an author of cozy crime fiction who makes a routine visit to a Massachusetts library to give a talk. (In lieu of a trigger warning, I’ll just say if there are certain types of violence that you can’t bear to read about, you should look up other reviews to find out more before choosing to read Big Driver.)

BTW, have others noticed how a lot of e-books and e-audiobooks are being re-released separately this way? A little bit misleading! I also recently bought the e-book edition of what I thought was the story collection 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill, at what I thought was a fantastically low price, but it was only the title story, 20th Century Ghost (no s), I realized just after the final click.

Recommended for listeners who like ‘em scary!

Big Driver
King, Stephen
Hecht, Jessica, narr.
SImon and Schuster Audio
October 2014
4 hrs, 20 min
$9.99, audio download

Disclosure: I received a free audio download from the publisher for review.

Other opinions on the audio edition of Big Driver from book bloggers who posted their reviews in a more timely fashion:
Book Chatter
Book Journey
Caffeinated Book Reviewer

It’s a Soup Kind of #WeekendCooking Day — Curried Leek Vegetable Soup @SharonPalmerRD

Photo of blue pick-up truck covered with snow
This was taken the other day, but according to the forecast, our driveway could look like this again in a couple of days.

 I’m still recovering from a nasty cold, so I’ve been eating a lot of chicken and rice soup. My husband made me some and I ate all of it, so I’ve been resorting to cans of Progresso Chicken and Wild Rice.

For a change of pace, and to brighten up a cloudy, snowy day, I’m going to make Curried Leek Vegetable Soup from Sharon Palmer’s blog. Here’s how she describes it:

Here’s a simple, flavorful soup recipe that you can throw together in minutes!  The anti-inflammatory spices and antioxidant-rich veggies can help boost your health—and spirits—on the gloomiest day.
Curried Leek Vegetable Soup
This photo of Curried Leek Vegetable Soup is from Sharon Palmer’s blog at

Doesn’t that look delicious?

Sharon Palmer is the author of Plant-Powered for Life, a cookbook and guidebook to adding more plant-based meals to your cooking repertoire. (Read my Weekend Cooking post about it here.)

If Curried Leek Vegetable Soup doesn’t sound good to you, then you might want to try one of the other 22 soups featured on SheKnows:

23 Freezable Soups to Enjoy This Winter

P.S. Here’s how my soup came out! (I made my own spice combination instead of using curry powder.) Delicious!

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