Ten Signs You’re Obsessed with Book Blogging and #Bloggiesta

Today is the last day of Bloggiesta, hosted by Suey (@sueysays) at It’s All About Books and Danielle (@the1stdaughter) at There’s a Book. If you’ve never heard of Bloggiesta, then you’re probably not obsessed with book blogging. But if you’re here today because of Bloggiesta, then see whether these signs of obsession apply to you.
And, yes, #5 really happened to me this morning. (We haven’t been able to catch it, and the little thing gets bigger and more brazen every day!)Bloggiesta badge

Ten Signs You’re Obsessed with Book Blogging

1. You couldn’t possibly finish your Bloggiesta to-do list in a week, much less a weekend.

2. You appreciate when authors use initials instead of first & middle names (e.g. NK Jemisin) because it’s Twitter-friendly.

3. You’ve started to #think in #hashtags.

4. When you see a new book cover, you think about how good it would look on your blog.

5. You sit still so long with your laptop, commenting on book blogs, that a mouse strolls out from under the chair beside you.

6. You’ve signed up for so many book blog challenges, it’s a challenge to keep them straight.

7. You’ve stopped being jealous of other bloggers’ Mailbox Monday and In My Mailbox posts, and are just relieved you don’t get as many books to review in a month as they do in a week.

8. You pore over blogrolls, hoping for the thrill of seeing your blog listed.

9. Your family doesn’t recognize you without the glow of the computer screen lighting your features.

10. You barely have time for reading books.


14 thoughts on “Ten Signs You’re Obsessed with Book Blogging and #Bloggiesta”

  1. Oh, Laurie! You and are are lost blogging twins! I shouted a resonating “YES!” to each item on your list. (And yes, I checked YOUR blog roll and am SO pleased I’m on it.) I don’t have a blog roll yet. What I do have, however, is a kismet friend who understands the true obsession of blogging and Bloggiesta. I haven’t even posted anything for today because I just finished creating my own social media icon buttons! Woo-hoo! My family? “Who are they?” Good work, Bloggess. Keep it up! 😀

  2. Oh boy. Is it bad that number 7 is very, very true in my case? I really like getting books, but there’s this thing called time and the fact that I don’t have enough *sighs*
    Either way, yes, I am a proud obsessed book blogger LOL

  3. “You barely have time for reading books.” Yes to that, ironically we start blogging for books then the blog itself takes over and we don’t have time to read. The positive thing about that sort of thing is it can happen in many hobbies, so we’re not alone. Hope you catch the mouse!

  4. Ha!! Great list. Some of these I’ve been able to overcome throughout the years but then other things just add up in place. And yes, I sometimes wonder how some people have time to read so much when they are always tuned into twitter or commenting. Or posting. Or…! We are a busy bunch for sure.

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