The Shining Readalong Starts Today: #ShineOn

badge for ShineOnJill at Fizzy Thoughts is hosting a February readalong of The Shining by Stephen King. Anyone can join in on Twitter (use hashtag #shineon) or comment on the blogs who are joining in. There are no rules for the readalong. Visit Fizzy Thoughts for details. I was convinced by the enthusiasm of Care at Care’s Online Book Club, and I’ll be downloading the unabridged audio (15 hrs. 49 min.) from Overdrive through my public library. Good thing check-out periods of three weeks are allowed now!

I’m not convinced that reading or listening to The Shining is going to be all that scary, since I’ve seen the movie and know what’s going to happen, but we’ll see. I suppose a really good horror story will creep you out each time you hear it, even without the element of surprise.


6 thoughts on “The Shining Readalong Starts Today: #ShineOn”

    1. I thought I could play the library’s Overdrive download on my phone, but it’s only in WMA format, which isn’t compatible with Android. So I’m grabbing the print version off the shelf today as soon as I get to work!

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