Weekend Cooking Connections: BBAW Day 4 @BBAW #BBAW

Day 4: How do you stay connected to the community? Examples: social media, regular commenting, participation in blog events, etc. Tell us your faves!


I was a Sunday Salon wannabe for many years, but never, ever, posted to my blog on Sunday, and couldn’t get motivated to write posts up in advance and have them ready to go up on Sunday.

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I was the same way with the weekly Weekend Cooking feature and link-up at Beth Fish Reads every Saturday, until finally it clicked with me that I didn’t have to post on the weekend and, if I did, it didn’t have to be ready first thing Saturday morning. (This information is presented loud and clear by Candace of Beth Fish Reads, but she is constantly having to remind people “You don’t have to post on the weekend!”, you can link up posts from earlier in the week.)

Since my first Weekend Cooking post about my favorite vegetarian cookbooks on Oct. 7, 2012, I’ve written 67 Weekend Cooking posts! Of course, Candace has posted a beautifully crafted Weekend Cooking post of her own every single Saturday since then (and before then, too), along with all of her other posts, but then, she is the unattainable ideal book blogger.

I love connecting with the other Weekend Cooking bloggers about cooking, baking, traveling, dining out, making cocktails, and of course, books!

Thank you, Beth Fish Reads (Candace)!


Thank you, also, to Suey of It’s All About Books and Danielle of There’s a Book for picking up the mantle of another favorite connecting event Bloggiesta, when (mostly) book bloggers get together to work on and get advice on the technical (and other) aspects of blogging. The next one is coming up March 21-27!

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I also enjoy connecting through special blog events like this one – Book Blogger Appreciation WeekArmchair BEA, and June Is Audiobook Week, etc. I realize how much work is involved just in posting during these events, much less organizing them, so I understand why they come and go.

I love group reads and readalongs, too, and am probably forgetting some to thank for organizing those, but Joy Weese Moll of Joy’s Book Blog, Ti of Book Chatter, and Dolce Bellezza (who’s running a Jane Eyre readalong this month!) are some of the ones who’ve hosted group reads that I’ve joined in on. Thank you!

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is an annual week-long event originated by My Friend Amy in 2008 that ran for five years, and has now been brought back by the women of The Estella Society. BBAW2016Click on the image for the Linky List of Day Four posts!

13 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking Connections: BBAW Day 4 @BBAW #BBAW”

  1. I did Weekend Cooking for a while last year, but honestly, I don’t really like cooking all that much, so I ran out of things to talk about. LOL

    I like commenting and joining in on a couple of weekly memes. It works well for me. 🙂

    1. I totally get that — but photography, quotes from books, travels … it all works. Anyway, do what’s easy and fun for you and if Weekend Cooking isn’t your thing, you did right to walk away!

  2. Ha, ha you make me both blush and laugh: “she is the unattainable ideal book blogger” — seriously, I usually feel like I’m struggling! One thing I love about Weekend Cooking is that it brings together people from all over: photographers, travelers, food bloggers, and, of course, readers. I always love to see your links.

  3. Weekend Cooking is one of my favorite blogging events as well–I keep telling Candace that she has become my cooking guru over the years. I’ve grown so much in the kitchen because of it! Bloggiesta is another event I always look forward to. Not sure why I have to wait until then to work on my blog, but I guess it feels like more fun when everyone else is doing it, too. Ha!

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