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photo of veggie pizza
Veggie and Goat Cheese pizza with crispy zucchini crust

Last weekend was the end of our vacation and we took a little trip to New York City to visit our daughters on Friday. From there, we drove down to Scranton late in the day on Saturday, and came back home on Sunday.

This is an unusual August for us, because it’s the first year in over twenty that we haven’t been getting ready for at least one child (usually at least two) to go back to school. Our work here is through – in that respect, at least.

photo of plate of food
My plate of chickpea pesto salad and a slice of veggie pizza.

In celebration, I thought I’d share some food-related photos for Weekend Cooking from our empty-nesters road trip last weekend, starting with the delicious, gluten-free, and vegetarian dinner our daughters made for us in their shared apartment in Washington Heights.Farmer's Market

Saturday morning we visited the farmers’ market near Fort Tryon Park, where everything from fresh duck to bee pollen was for sale.

Along with fresh fruit, we bought a couple of small wedges of cheese from a cheesemaker to eat as part of our picnic on Liberty Island, but I didn’t think to snap a photo of all of the varieties of cheese that were available. We tried a few samples before making our choices and they were all delicious.

Photo of the Statue of LibertyAfter taking a ferry ride out to see the Statue of Liberty up close and then taking the subway back uptown from Battery Park, we got in the car and headed south to Scranton, Pennsylvania, where my husband was attending the annual meeting of the Anglican Use Society the next day.

Photo of Ipanema Grille rodizio meats from Trip Advisor
I had to borrow this picture of rodizio meats from Trip Advisor because I forgot to take a photo during dinner.

On Saturday night, in Scranton, we went to the opposite extreme from vegetarianism and ate at the Ipanema Grille, a Brazilian steakhouse or churrascaria where you can order the rodizio. That’s where you can get your choice of side dishes from the buffet and get slices of different types of grilled meat cut for you right at the table until you can’t eat any more.

Along with dinner, we tried Brazil’s national cocktail, the caipirinha, a sweet-tart rum and lime drink that came with a sugarcane stirrer. I still can’t pronounce the name of it, but the drink was so good, we had two each! After my first sip, I did remember to take a picture.photo of caipirinha

Hmmm. Does the U.S. have a national cocktail…?




18 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: Eating in NYC and Scranton #weekendcooking”

    1. I looked for it on your blog, but couldn’t find it! I do remember reading some of your other cocktail posts (Pimm’s Cup, shandies, etc.) The caipirinha seems a pretty easy drink to make if you have plenty of limes on hand. Which, as it happens, I do!

  1. Oh I must tell my GF friend about the zucchini crust idea — I know she misses pizza. Sounds like you had a great trip. I’ve never heard of Brazilian rodizio but will have to check it out. Now I’m off to find out what’s in that refreshing-sounding cocktail.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, and I love the look of that vegetarian meal your daughters cooked for you – what a treat. I’m intrigued by the zucchini crust – I have come across a cauliflower crust pizza doing the rounds of the bloogoshpere, but haven’t come across zucchini before. I must check that out in readiness for the summertime zucchini glut to come in the next few months.

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