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I received some very nice foodie-related books and gifts this year:

The Heart of the Plate cover image
The new cookbook by Mollie Katzen!
Tequila Mockingbird cover image
A tribute to my reading and cocktail-sampling hobbies
cover image of Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits
Will try these recipes only occasionally so as not to sabotage any low-carb diets going on.
cover image of Burma: Rivers of Flavor
Beautiful photographs of the scenery, people, and food of Burma along with recipes throughout
cover image of Nosh on This
Now I have my own copy of this cookbook for learning how to bake gluten-free!

In addition to these lovely new books, I received a Cuisinart immersion blender, which I’ve already used for potato soup, partly pureeing it right in the pan. No more trying to slop hot soup into the blender or food processor!

photo of potato soup in pan
Potato soup after using immersion blender on it, still in the pan

And tucked into my stocking on Christmas morning with the candy and lotions was this cute little bottle of Wood Homestead maple syrup from a New York City farmer’s market:

photo of gingerbread man-shaped bottle of maple syrup
So cute I’m going to have a hard time opening this bottle to use the maple syrup

My best blogging-related gift was my brand-new, lightweight, high-speed MacBook Air, which made writing this post a much less frustrating experience than working on my old, hand-me-down MacBook (much as I did love it, originally!)

I’m looking forward to using all my new stuff in the coming year. Happy 2014 and Happy Weekend Cooking!

Disclosure: A close family member works for The Experiment, publisher of Nosh on This.


25 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: Foodie Christmas Gift Haul #weekendcooking @BethFishReads”

  1. Sounds like fun. Lovely books and a new computer to work on. I love cookbooks, any kind, but just like fiction, we have way too many and don’t buy many new ones.

  2. You can use the maple syrup and then fill the bottle with coloured water. The book on Burma looks interesting. I was tickled pink when I found Julia’s article. Of course she has made the soup.

  3. I adore my immersion blender! I love Mollie Katzen — so that’s a must buy. Some of the others are new to me … I’m not sure my wallet liked this post. LOL

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    I am stopping by from the giveaway list on my blog for Jubilee’s Journey. 🙂 I love finding new blogs.

    Thanks for all these great posts on your blog.

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