Weekend Cooking: Low-Carb and Learning to Like Blue Cheese #weekendcooking

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Blue cheese is moldy. And moldy cheese is disgusting. This has always been my way of thinking. The “blue” in blue cheese may be there on purpose; it may be pale blue speckles or dark blue clumps, but it’s still mold. When the block of cheddar develops blue spots, we toss it. Ditto for mozzarella, Monterey Jack, etc. But blue cheese is blue when you bring it home from the store. So, what…? It never goes bad?* This is a definite plus for an on-again, off-again cook like me whose fridge is so unorganized and full of leftover bits of stuff that an opened package of cheese might go missing long enough to develop mold.cover image of Quick Vegetarian Pleasures

After almost thirty years of a mixed marriage (one spouse eating blue cheese and the other disgusted by it) and, now, one spouse on a low-carb diet, I decided to make a low-carb appetizer that called for blue cheese to bring to an event, so my husband would have something to snack on there other than cookies or tortilla chips. It would have to be quick and easy to make, because I didn’t have much time before we had to leave. When I saw the aptly named “Blue Cheese Log” with just four ingredients in Quick Vegetarian Pleasures by Jeanne Lemlin, I knew that was it. Combine softened but still cool cream cheese with crumbled blue cheese, roll into a log, cover with minced walnuts and parsley. I cut some lower-carb pita bread wedges and arranged them on the plate, and it was beautiful to behold!

Photo of Blue Cheese Log with pita wedges

Unfortunately, with minced, fresh parsley from the garden, freshly minced nuts, and good brands of blue cheese and and cream cheese, this appetizer was so appealing and delicious, that when I visited the food table to get some for my husband to try, there was just a smidgen of it left – barely enough to smear on the one tiny pita wedge that was also left on the plate!

Since the next day was Father’s Day, I halved the recipe and made it again for just the two of us. So quick to make, there was plenty of time to try a Saveur recipe for Strawberry Moonshine Julep to go with it. I’m still not ready to crumble blue cheese on my salad yet, but I’m ready to try some other recipes calling for blue cheese. (I guess I’ll eat just about anything if it has walnuts on it!)Photo of Blue Cheese Log with Julep

Because of the pita, this appetizer isn’t actually low-carb, but since it’s lower in carb than other snacks, it might be OK for an occasional treat. Next time, I might serving the Blue Cheese Log with raw veggies like slices of fresh zucchini from the garden or farm stand to make it more authentically low-carb.

 *This is just a joke! Blue cheese can and does go bad. See this online guide for what foods to throw away when moldy, if you ever consider whether the rest of a food can be eaten if part of it has developed a spot of mold and don’t just automatically throw the whole thing away.

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: Low-Carb and Learning to Like Blue Cheese #weekendcooking”

  1. Another interesting recipe post. The Blue cheese log sounds good and easy. I checked out the book and I like the authors attitude (in the introduction and tips).

  2. I’m in the not-love camp for blue cheese, but I do have it every week on a burger at my favorite bar – somehow it’s okay with beef?! I don’t know, but I don’t eat it with anything else.

  3. Loved this post, Laurie! Is it strange how we’ll eat blue cheese but not cheddar that’s mouldy. That said, I know it took me a while to try blue cheese for that reason, you’re meant to throw mouldy food out! The food looks lovely and sounds even better 🙂

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