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Weekend Cooking: Making Perfect Iced Coffee @SplendidTable #weekendcooking

cover imageAs well as being behind on listening to Misery for the Misery Readalong, I’m behind on listening to my favorite podcasts – including The Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper – due to an embarrassing accident involving my beloved, old, slightly cracked iPod Touch; a very shallow back pocket; and a not yet used toilet.*

Since my phone is bulky and doesn’t fit any of my iPod gear or work with the version of iTunes I was using for all my audiobook and podcast listening, I’ve been drowning my sorrows with copious amounts of iced coffee lately. This weekend I decided to break out the specialty coffee I got for Mother’s Day.

pound bag of ground coffee
Pierce Bros. is a locally roasted coffee brand. I received this Iced Coffee Blend as a gift for Mother’s Day.

Last time everyone was home, a family argument broke out  over how we made iced coffee, because I had switched methods without informing my husband. (We’d never win on that TV show where you have to know everything about what the other spouse would say.) I had remembered reading in one of Lynne’s cookbooks that pouring double-strength, hot coffee immediately over ice was the best way to seal in the fresh-brewed flavor, so I started making iced coffee that way last summer, instead of putting freshly brewed coffee directly into the refrigerator, the way I had been doing.

When I looked up the directions for Perfect Iced Coffee in Lynne’s summertime e-book, Eating In with Lynne, Vol. 2, I realized that what I thought she had said to do wasn’t exactly right. Today I followed the actual directions, and was very happy with the results.

ice, coffee, filter
I weighed out the ice, as directed! One-and-a-half pounds. Also 1 cup of coffee, 1 liter of almost-boiling water.
coffee draining through filter onto ice in glass measuring container
The double-strength coffee gets made directly over the ice.
Perfect Iced Coffee!

Click here for the recipe for:
Perfect Iced Coffee from The Splendid Table

Eating In with Lynne, Vol. 2
Kasper, Lynne Rosetto
American Public Media, 2013

Disclosure: I bought this e-book for myself and need to make more recipes from it!

*The rice trick didn’t work – probably because of the crack.

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: Making Perfect Iced Coffee @SplendidTable #weekendcooking”

  1. I LOVE iced coffee in the summer and I love the Splendid Table and Lynne Rossetto Kasper. I’ve been making it the New York Times way, which is a cold brew method — but I will definitely give this way a try.

  2. We love iced coffee, it’s perfect for summertime when I still want the coffee taste (and sometimes buzz) but don’t need a hot drink.

    Funny story about arguing how to make it!

  3. This is funny. I actually do not know how to make coffee because I do not like it. I can just imagine my husband and I arguing over how to make it. Glad it turned out well.

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