Who Else Is Going to Be Misery-Able in June? @BkClubCare #MiseryRAL

The Misery Read-along kicks off today at Care’s Online Book Club blog, with an original Dorothy Parker-inspired poem, no less!

Misery_readalongThe book is shorter than a lot of Stephen King’s books, I’m told, so we’ve been admonished not to read it too fast. (Remember being told not to read ahead of the group in school? No worries there for me, as I can’t even start it right away.)

It’s very casual, with no checkpoints, etc., but it will be fun, so if you’re on Twitter, just join in with #MiseryRAL, and check Care’s Online Book Club for more details!


4 thoughts on “Who Else Is Going to Be Misery-Able in June? @BkClubCare #MiseryRAL”

    1. I was hoping to listen to the audio, but it’s in scarce supply in the libraries around here. The only movies I’ve seen from SK’s books are The Shining and Carrie!

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