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Inspired by these two cookbooks and my shopping trip to the Indian grocery store, I made a few Indian-inspired meals recently. I had fun frying up pappodum to go with the meal, so I thought I’d share a little video for anyone who doesn’t know what it looks like.

Q:What is pappodum or papadum?
A: Lightly spiced fried yummy things made from lentil flour or other bean flours.

Photo of cooked papadum with package
You can buy them readymade. Maybe I’ll try making my own someday.

Check out Madhur Jaffrey’s professional video on cooking papadum here:

Here’s the Indian-inspired meal we had the pappadum with:

plate with dal over basmati rice
Easy Vegetable Dal made with red lentils (from Everyday Gluten-Free Slow Cooking by Kimberly Mayone & Kitty Broihier) served over basmati rice (used white beans instead of chickpeas in the dal because that’s what I had on hand)

Happy Weekend Cooking!

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12 thoughts on “Yum, Yum, Pappadum #weekendcooking @bethfishreads”

  1. I’ve always felt daunted by cooking various ethnic cuisines on my own, but Indian Cooking Unfolded actually helped ease my fears. I’m not great in the kitchen anyway, but this book made preparing Indian dishes much more simple and straightforward than I thought it could be.

  2. I should not have read this when I was hungry. That looks SO good. I haven’t had Indian food in years. The last time I had Indian food was when I made a dish that had corn on the cob. Can’t remember what it was. But it was delicious.

  3. I like Indian food too! The array of spices is wonderful and I like all the vegetarian offerings. Pappadum is such a great name for a food, isn’t it? 🙂

  4. I so love Indian cooking, and any cookbook that might make it easier is on my list. It would be fabulous to have a live-in Indian chef. Oh yes.

  5. Oooh that looks like fun!! I really need to get a wok…but you know…one more kitchen thing and all. And one of these days I need to try some Indian food. Not sure what I find so intimidating about it–I guess just the different spices. Sigh.

    And I know Cook it Up is going away–but these posts would still fit into Inspiration on Monday! If you remember (I know it’s tough even for ME to remember!), feel free to join in. 🙂

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